My Projects

  1. Dissertation


    — May 2019

    A computer vision system for a chess-playing robot. Tracks the state of a chessboard over time, using Python, scikit-learn and OpenCV.

  2. Festimap


    — April 2019

    Progressive web app designed to share photos at festivals around the world, created for a university module on modern web development.

  3. HackSheffield


    — April 2019

    Hackathon society which I have been involved in since starting university. See which hackathons I have attended and organised.

  4. Picnic Spots

    Picnic Spots

    — April 2019

    Website created at HackBordeaux in 24 hours. View, add and review the best places to eat your tuna sweetcorn sandwiches.

  5. USBB


    — March 2019

    Website for the University of Sheffield Brass Band to showcase concerts, news and photos. Uses Jekyll for easy content management.

  6. TV Remote

    TV Remote

    — December 2018

    Firmware for the unPhone, a souped-up ESP32 with an LCD touchscreen, to control televisions from a number of manufacturers.

  7. StegaPhoto


    — September 2017

    Cyber security research project on steganography — created a web application which can hide any number of files inside an image.

  8. SnapScroll


    — August 2017

    My first JavaScript library to scroll smoothly between points on a website, built as a jQuery plugin.

  9. Hype


    — October 2016

    Product of my first hackathon. Hype, an Android app to 'hype' a location or event, which can be viewed on an interactive map.

  10. Icon Packs

    Icon Packs

    — August 2016

    My first foray into programming and design. Icon packs for custom Android launchers, so you can make your phone homescreen look pretty.