Hi, I’m Greg Ives

I’m a lead software engineer at Myles Fitness Challenges, currently living in Nottingham. I previously worked at Capital One, building websites and developer tools. I love making things that work well, look good and are easy-to-use for everyone.

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  1. Nuxt, Netlify Forms and reCAPTCHA

    27 Dec 2021 • 14 minute read

    How to integrate Netlify Forms and reCAPTCHA into a Nuxt application

  2. Interpolating Colour with CSS

    9 May 2021 • 7 minute read

    Different methods of interpolating colour in CSS including negative animation‑delay

  3. Optimising the Fonts on My Website

    10 Apr 2020 • 11 minute read

    How I changed my font loading strategy and reduced the first stage fonts by over 100 kB

  1. Eleventy Load

    Eleventy Load

    Resolve dependencies and post-process files in your Eleventy project, similar to webpack loaders

  2. Twelvety


    An Eleventy starter project built to be fast including component architecture and pipelines for CSS and JavaScript