Hi, I’m Greg Ives

    I’m a developer, currently working on web stuff at Capital One. I enjoy building projects like Twelvety, discussing web performance and fonts, teaching others to code and organising events like hackathons.

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    1. Interpolating Colour with CSS

      9 May 2021 — 7 minute read

      Different methods of interpolating colour in CSS including negative animation‑delay

    2. Optimising the Fonts on My Website

      10 April 2020 — 11 minute read

      How I changed my font loading strategy and reduced the first stage fonts by over 100 kB

    3. Choosing a CMS for Your Website

      28 March 2020 — 4 minute read

      Why I decided to use a CMS for my website and why I chose to use Forestry.io

    1. Dissertation


      — May 2019

      A computer vision system for a chess-playing robot. Tracks the state of a chessboard over time, using Python, scikit-learn and OpenCV

    2. Festimap


      — April 2019

      Progressive web app designed to share photos at festivals around the world, created for a university module on modern web development