Hi, I’m Greg Ives

I’m a final-year Computer Science student at the University of Sheffield, looking for an opportunity in software engineering from June 2020. This summer I interned at FinancialForce. I’m a lead instructor at Code First: Girls and a teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield.

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  1. My Markdown-It Configuration

    February 16, 2020 — 4 minute read

    An overview of the markdown-it and highlight.js configurations used on my website.

  2. Build a Blog with Nuxt and Markdown

    February 8, 2020 — 9 minute read

    Learn how to build a blog with Nuxt and Markdown. This first blog post of the series will explain how to load Markdown files and display them using a Markdown component.

  1. Dissertation


    — May 2019

    A computer vision system for a chess-playing robot. Tracks the state of a chessboard over time, using Python, scikit-learn and OpenCV.

  2. Festimap


    — April 2019

    Progressive web app designed to share photos at festivals around the world, created for a university module on modern web development.