Interactive photo of Greg Ives

Hi, I’m Greg Ives

I’m the lead software engineer at Myles Wellbeing, working remotely from Nottingham. Recently, I’ve been building some AI tools, including a poem generator and a domain name generator. I love making things that work well, look good and are easy-to-use for everyone.

  1. AI Poem Generator

    AI Poem Generator

    Automatically generate poems using artificial intelligence. It's super easy to use, just pick what type of poem you want to generate, enter the description of your poem and hit the big Generate button.

  2. Domain Name Generator

    Domain Name Generator

    Domain name generator built using ChatGPT and GoDaddy APIs. Describe your project in a few words and we’ll generate a list of domain names for you to choose from! Find your perfect domain name today for free.

  1. Styling a SectionList in React Native

    18 Jan 2023 • 4 minute read

    The easiest way to apply styles to sections in a SectionList.

  2. Nuxt, Netlify Forms and reCAPTCHA

    27 Dec 2021 • 14 minute read

    How to integrate Netlify Forms and reCAPTCHA into a Nuxt application.

  3. Interpolating Colour with CSS

    9 May 2021 • 7 minute read

    Different methods of interpolating colour in CSS including negative animation‑delay.