Picnic Spots

Picnic Spots was created at HackBordeaux with another member of HackSheffield, in 24 hours. Picnic Spots allows you to find a perfect spot for your lunch, courtesy of user-submitted spots and reviews.

The Idea #

I created Picnic Spots with another team member from HackSheffield, Arnas Boruchovas. At first we were struggling to come up with an idea, so we took some time outside to have a break. Whilst searching for a place to eat our lunch, our idea strook — a website to find nice picnic spots!

Arnas had a little experience with web development from university, but didn’t know too much about templating languages or Node.js. I decided to take more of a mentor role, electing to teach Arnas everything we needed to make Picnic Spots and avoid doing much if any of the coding myself.

Technology Used #

Picnic Spots was created using:

  • Express for routing and middleware
  • EJS for templating
  • Sass for styling
  • Passport for authentication
  • Mapbox for the interactive map