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  1. Greg Ives was here

    Nice to meet you 👋 this is my guestbook, I’d love you to leave a comment below. You can write anything you want, it’s your signature!

  2. Toby Cannon was here

    Ah man, I wanted the first comment but you beat me to it with yours. Love this feature. Thanks for providing me with quality entertainment in the form of opening your site and watching you follow my cursor around the screen. The hours fly by.

  3. man was here


  4. Edoardo was here

    Rally good idea

  5. :p was here

    you have a nice face

  6. Bogdan was here

    Hey Greg!

    I really like the animation from your home page!

  7. tarik was here

    i like your website

  8. Šime was here

    Hello, I just wanted to say that this website looks way too good to not have an RSS feed.

  9. Greg Ives was here

    Thanks for all the kind comments in my guestbook!

    Hello, I just wanted to say that this website looks way too good to not have an RSS feed.

    I will put an RSS feed at the top of my to-do list 😄

  10. Kostas was here

    awesome portfolio page

  11. Alabhya Jindal was here

    Love your portfolio page!

  12. Geoff was here

    Kickin’ it oldschool with the guestbook! Thank you for your Nuxt reCaptcha article!

  13. cheap_glitch was here

    Thank you for the great write-up on pure-CSS color interpolation! The “negative animation delay” trick was exactly what I needed 💯

  14. kmt was here

    love your site, and this idea!

  15. Jason was here

    Hi, love the hero animation 👏🏽

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  17. Daniel was here

    Great website! Really love all that you did.

  18. Abhi J. was here

    Great Portfolio!

  19. Alberto was here

    Awesome Portfolio 🚀

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  21. paalss was here

    Really awesome mouse-interactive-image thing you’ve made on the home page! 👌

  22. Suvraneel was here

    Stumbled across this website whilst I was looking for inspiration for coding up my portfolio website.

    Really curious as to what you used to build up that awesome front-page directional hover animation of yours :)) GSAP ?

    Someday Imma recreate that when I’m good enough at 3D stuff xD

  23. Moses was here

    Amazing…Love it.

  24. Eyob was here

    Nice Portfolio man

  25. Laban was here

    Very nice portfolio dude!

  26. ZS was here

    love the idea of a guest book !

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  29. Rida Malik was here

    Hey Miles ! Just came in here to say I absolutely LOVE your front page. Its so fun!

  30. Opana was here

    Hello, I admire you!

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  33. jorm was here

    sorry this is too good of a page to not comment on