A Little About Me

Greg Ives at HackSheffield

Hi there, I’m Greg Ives! I’m in my final year at the University of Sheffield, studying a masters in Computer Science. I love making things which work well, look good and are accessible to everyone.

I have a lot of experience building performant and accessible websites. Recently, I have been focusing on JAMstack — this website is statically generated using Nuxt. I am an avid hackathoner, attending hackathons across Europe and organising hackSheffield for the past three years. I am a strong believer that you can learn just as much in your spare time as in education — most of my knowledge has come from hackathons and my side projects.

This summer I worked as an intern at FinancialForce, building an app on the Salesforce platform with Lightning Web Components. I volunteer as an instructor at Code First: Girls, teaching young women and non-binary people to build their first website. I am also a teaching assistant at the University of Sheffield, teaching various modules to first year students.

I’m looking for an opportunity in software development after I graduate in June 2020. Get in touch with me for a copy of my résumé and to have a chat!